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Membrane switch, how to detect ink index in production process

Membrane switch production process, raw materials mainly film, ink, solvent three。 The ink has abasic indexes are listed within the thin film switch detection: viscosity, fineness, color fastness。

Viscosity test, the best dilution to specific viscosity in mixed solvent supporting (such as 18 seconds /25 ℃), computational solvent content, so you can rule out some ink may be brought about by the "pseudo viscosity" phenomenon (ink looks very thick, but is not into the solvent)。Detection of adhesion can use international standard (GB/T13217.7-91), but for some table printing ink might not be enough, it is best to simulate the specific requirements of product packaging and processing conditions for detection.

The solvent quality good ring directly affect the quality of printing ink, solvent quality is the mostdifficult to grasp。 The main index to distinguish between solvent is good or bad the purity and the water content, quantitative and qualitative detection of solvent is best by chromatography,but the need to instrument the price is more expensive, but the technical requirements of the higher. If the light is for printing, without considering the dry compound process, here to providesome simple and practical。

See solvent appearance, at least should be clear and transparent, if turbid, floating objects, thesolvent to be used with caution. The smell of solvent odor, contact solvent popular time slightly longer, the smell of workers of a particular solvent have a general impression, if it is found thatthe smell of solvent is not pure, be sure the number of solvent purity is not high, a lot of impurities. The dissolving effect is not a principle to content determination of solvent in roughwater: take half transparent toluene solvent with 100ml glass cylinder, take a small amount ofanalyte ester or ketone solvents such as toluene, evenly pour in, just pour in the solvent of toluene, observe whether the turbidity (white), if any, is the water content in the solvent of serious incidents, experience shows that when the moisture content exceeds 0.5%, thephenomenon is quite clear. The benzene solvents moisture testing can extract solvent through the long glass tube, observe whether there is a stratification to determine.

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