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FPC/PCB/LED Membrane switch / membrane keyboard

Product introduction

FPC thin film switch

FPC thin film switch refers to switch graphics and line is produced in the printing of flexible copper clad laminate on the general.

Characteristics of FPC thin film switch is convenient, stable technology, low resistance, and can be directly welded on the back of some components in the circuit. FPC thin film switches generally use the metal guide sheet as conducting maze contact, so the good hand feeling。

Advantages: the minimum line spacing can be achieved 0。5MM, the resistance value is very low, can be welded LED, resistance, fiber and other small components, performance reliable hundred often long life, the failure rate is 99.8%, the flexible membrane switch silver slurry system can be locked in a stalemate and the non general theory.

Disadvantages: FPC cost is relatively high, the valuation area layout of the longest and most wide, so in the design as much as possible to reduce the wire length and irregular in shape, so as to avoid unnecessary waste and add unnecessary costs.

Suggestion: to assemble LED, resistance, fiber and user super precise selection of FPC type thin film switch.

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