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Technical data

Thin film switch \\

For membrane switch interchange circuits in the "bridge" technique, we require not only printingcoating has excellent insulation, more important is the screen preparation process, ensure thatthe "bridge" thick, "bridge" thickness should meet the pressure above 200V. If the insulationlayer is thin, decreased resistance coating, but could not prevent the "bridge" on theintersecting shorted wire for silver ion with the solvent penetration of.

Film switch to increase the thickness of the insulation layer is adopted to increase the printingmeasures will be in vain. This will not only increase a lot of work, and has the binding force between the thickening layer is not ideal and the "bridge" face need slope affected. One of the effective method is to use a hollow plate seihan technology to solve the "bridge" of PET filmthick, hollow board can choose a certain thickness of the hollow plate as a substrate. The process is in the bridge site PET film, cast as the needed parts of the "bridge" hollow out, then the edge thinning, constitutes a "bridge" the mouth of the slope, the seihan technology althoughvery old, but the method is very simple, and excellent economic effect, is the other businessedition method incomparable.

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